Hi, I’m Penny,

Your coffee-loving, adventure-seeking TikTok  consultant.

I specialise in working with lifestyle and creative businesses like yours that want to embrace new social trends and stand out in the market.

Working with me is fun, but I also know that marketing your brand - and growing your revenue - is a serious business.

With my help, you can bypass the trial and error stage of making short-form videos and skip to the good bit - new customers, bigger audiences and a steady supply of leads and sales.

I’ve figured it out so you don’t have to

With my wealth of tech knowledge and social media experience, I can help you to get results faster.

I’ve been the web editor for Prada, Milan, worked at Levi Strauss Italia and trained and worked as a social media manager. 

Over the past six years, I’ve helped many businesses to grow their reach on social media and build engaged fan bases. And I’d love to do the same for you.

Clients love working with me because I make the process fun and achievable.

And you’ll be relieved to hear I won’t make you sing or dance - unless you want to! Instead, I’ll give you the knowledge, confidence and endless ideas to make purposeful content that feels comfortable for you.

What’s in a name?

You might be wondering why I have a business name that’s so hard to pronounce? 

BarBruzza? BarBrussa? Barb-USA? Barberossa? Don’t worry, I’ve heard them all. The correct way to say it is Bar-Broosah.

The name is a tribute to my beloved Italy where I lived, worked and raised my family for 23 years before moving back to London in 2016.

‘Bar’ means cafe in Italian - because that’s where all the best chats and business decisions take place in Italy - and ‘Brusa’ is half of my Italian surname, Brusarosco.

We’re a great fit if any of this sounds like you

✔ Making videos feels cringey. You HATE being on camera
✔ You feel too old. The tech... The kids... The putting yourself out there…
✔ You’re up for the challenge but are stuck for ideas 
✔ You’re already on TikTok or Insta but your account isn’t growing
✔ You’ve already got a successful blog / podcast / YouTube channel and are ready to discover an exciting new revenue stream



'I had a Tiktok power hour with Penny as I didn't really know where to start with supporting my clients on this app. Penny expertedly explained how to use the app as a brand and all the tricks and tips I would never have known otherwise. She answered all of my beginners questions as well as running through key strategic tactics too. She adapted the session to suit the specific content I was interested in, showing and sharing with me lots of example content she had researched prior to the session, and provided really detailed and helpful follow up notes. If you need to get your head around Tiktok, a training session with Penny is a no brainer!!'

Emma Carter


I am a relatively new Social Media Manager, and I believe we should always be upskilling ourselves. TikTok is a platform I have hidden from a little, but you can only ignore it's potential for so long, and it was time to delve into the TikTok world!
I chose to do a power hour with Penelope because she was highly recommended by several others. I love how enthusiastic Penelope was and how she had done so much research on my niche, offered advice ranging from how the platform works, what performs well and even had content ideas for me! 
I came away from the session feeling very positive with a million new ideas, and feeling much more confident about presenting a TikTok strategy to my client. 

Thank you Penelope!
Sophie Billingsly


Raising our game on social media:
Penny came highly recommended from a trusted friend who suggested working with Penny to really understand how to develop the creative content potential of the key social media platforms, by using reels and other techniques to drive our engagement and link clicks. Penny also worked with us to adopt an innovative and experimentation approach to creating content. Trying lots of different styles, formats and messaging to see what worked best. All our metrics have increased month on month as a result and we have even embraced the world of Tick Tok, something we certainly wouldn’t have done without Penny’s inspiration.

Andrew McKinlay


“I highly recommend Tik Tok training with Penny. It gave me a good grasp for using a completely new social media platform. My second Tik Tok post has already achieved over 30K views and my client is thrilled - this is all thanks to Penny’s advice. The training was thorough and most of all fun. It gave me the confidence to professionally talk to clients and I’ve since signed three new clients to the platform in the past week. Thank you Penny, you are a Tik Tok star!”



"Even with just 1 hour with Penny, I learned so much about Reels and TikTok video-making. It was practical and inspired me to get creating as soon as our power hour ended! If you want to up your game and learn from a pro, she's your person."

Franca Cumbo